About Us

About Us

Aviation Nutrition

Our Vision

Our company provides nutrition education and recommends products to enhance high performance for aviation professionals worldwide. Today's world of aviation requires aviation professionals to not only be in the best shape physically, but mentally as the requirement for peak cognitive performance is so important when considering automation and new technology. Aviation Nutrition promotes nutrition for aviation professionals worldwide along with a healthy active lifestyle in order to improve safety from a Human Factors perspective.

Our Story

Aviation Nutrition is owned and was founded by aviation veteran Brian Fiske who holds a Master's in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Brian has over 30 years experience in the aviation specializing in the private jet industry and is a FAA licensed Commercial pilot. As a former assistant professor for Embry-Riddle teaching Human Factors for many years his research found limited information on nutrition for aviation professionals and thus formed the company to promote the importance of nutrition for aviation professionals worldwide to assist with enhancing aviation safety.

Next Steps...

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