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Aviation Health Coaches Needed Worldwide

Aviation Health Coaches Needed Worldwide

Aviation Health Coaches

Our founder of Aviation Nutrition as an aviation professional and former  professor for a leading aviation university found that there was very little research completed in the area of nutrition for aviation professionals, especially for flight crews. His research did find that even with the introduction of technology over the years and the greater use of technology that poor nutrition could be a causal factor for many aviation accidents especially in general aviation. For this reason he founded Aviation Nutrition.

Aviation Nutrition with its affiliation with the leading nutrition company in the world is seeking to educate aviation professionals worldwide and currently seeking leaders to build a network of Aviation Health Coaches in over 90 counties to educate, train, and promote the use of nutrition products with the goal of increasing safety.

Today's technology requires aviation professionals to be fueled with the proper nutrition to meet the physical and cognitive demands of their jobs that contributes to improving Human Factors and improving safety. To learn more about becoming a Aviation Health Coach which offers a part-time or full-time business opportunity click this link.

The mission is nutrition!